Terms and Conditions


By using any of our wash, dry, fold + iron services you agree that all laundry items are suitable to be machine washed and tumble dried on our standard cycle and that all fabrics are able to be ironed. Liquid Laundry will not be held responsible for any damages to laundry pieces due to unsuitability for this type of laundry service. 


Liquid Laundry will do everything possible to prevent damaging your laundry, however there are limitations to what we can do. Help us help you! We will not be held responsible for the following:

We kindly request that you thoroughly check all of your laundry and pockets before we launder your clothes. We do not have the time or capability to check that your laundry and pockets are empty and will not be held responsible for any damaged or lost items in this regard (eg: lipstick, pen, chewing gum, jewellery).

Please ensure you check the wash instructions before engaging our services. If an item is “dry-clean only” or unsuitable for our services, do not include it in the laundry you provide us.


At Liquid Laundry we take the greatest care with all of your items, however, no matter how gentle we are, the laundering processes do incur normal wear and tear on your laundry. We will not be held responsible for any wear and tear, including fading, abrasions, holes, fatiguing or loss of buttons. We reserve the right to refuse items that could be unsuitable for our services.


Please be aware as standard procedure, all of your items are washed together in the one load. We cannot be held accountable for the bleeding of colours or changes to the size and fit of laundry items. If you would like items washed separately (ie: blacks separate to whites) we ask that you inform the staff member doing your service at drop off. Our staff will then separate your laundry and use 2 washing machines for the service which requires an additional charge from $10-$20 depending on the load size. 


Whilst we take every precaution to ensure all your laundry is returned to you, it would be counter productive for us to inventory each item. We cannot be held responsible for any lost laundry as we have no efficient way of substantiating each item received. However, we do carefully track you items through tagging where applicable and your laundry is never loose on our premises unless inside a machine, on the folding table or being tended to by a staff member. If you believe that you are missing an item, please contact us within 24 hours so we have the best chance of locating if lost on our premises.


Whilst every care is taken with work entrusted to Liquid Laundry, we cannot be held liable for either pre-existing marks / fabric damage or fabric failure, loss of colour, shrinkage or reaction marks that only become evident following the dry cleaning or laundry process.

Marks, fabric failure or total fabric breakdown can become evident following cleaning as a direct result of fibre/dye damage caused by spillage or splashing of substances during normal wear prior to cleaning or the effects of direct or indirect sunlight as well as Ultraviolet Light exposure. All marks are delt with the upmost care and treated as per the care label with no guarantee of removal due to age, stain and fabric and will not exceed remove of marks without content from the owner.

We will not accept responsibility for loss, breakage, deterioration or dis-colouration of any buttons, buckles, sequins, beads, or decorative trims attached in accordance with the care label being followed correctly.

All garments are processed in line with attached manufacturers “Care Labels” and any performance failures should be directed to the manufacturer or place of purchase. Taking note of the attached “Care Label”, the decision to either launder or dry clean any article, will be at the total discretion of the dry cleaner on duty. We will not be responsible for any garments left uncollected for a period more than three (3) weeks.


We use premium hospital grade laundry detergent and fabric softener in all of our machines. Our facilities do not allow for the self-supply of washing detergents and softeners.


Please do not overload the machine. By overloading the machines your items are not able to circulate and be cleaned properly and may require you to repeat the cycle again. 

We are not responsible for any theft of your items, although we are happy to assist with where possible.

Please ensure you thoroughly check the washing machine / dryer is empty before placing you items in for use. We take no responsibility for any damage caused from remaining items or residue from the previous user. We recommend to always smell inside the machine and wipe down with a paper towel to ensure that there are no lingering chemicals.

Please be considerate of other guests wishing to use the laundromat equipment.

We recommend you download the Dexter app so you can track the completion of your washing load.

Please ensure your items are removed from the machines within 15 minutes of completion. We reserve the right to remove your items from our machines and place in a plastic bag in the condition they were found if left longer. We do not have storage facilities for lost property or forgotten items. We can only retain items for 24 hours.


All of our dog wash machines follow the same T&C’s as the self-service facilities, except designated for animal items only.


The bikes wash machine has been specifically designed to be safe on all bikes. The machine uses warm water, medium pressure, and a unique soap product to create the safest washing conditions. Whilst most bikes will be washed and dried in our machine to a showroom level, brushes have been provided to assist in the best quality clean to the drivetrain. The brushes are to be used at the discretion of the bike owner and Liquid Laundry excepts no responsibility for any damages caused by the machine or brushes.


The Liquid Laundry Electronic Vehicle Charging Meter is compatible with any plug-in electric vehicle that supports IEC 62196-1 and 61851-1. The meter ensures the highest safety levels and features over-power, over-temperature and stuck relay protections as well as temperature warning alerts. Do not use the charge if it appears defective in any way or LED indicates serious internal error.


All of our machines are to be operated by capable adults only. All children on the premises are to be supervised by an adult at all times.

As our business changes, we may want to modify some of the terms and conditions in this agreement. Therefore, we encourage you to check back frequently to familiarize yourself with any changes.


At Liquid Laundry we try to present ourselves in a courteous and professional manner at all times. Accordingly, we expect our customers to conduct themselves in a manner that is acceptable to other patrons and our property. We reserve the right to have any person removed from the premises if not behaving in an acceptable manner.