Liquid Laundry is home to Brisbane’s very first DIY Bike Wash and our local cyclists couldn’t be happier. Our bike wash is so simple, yet SO effective and will leave your bike looking brand new.

Simply, ride on down to LL, head to the rear of the building and enter in the back door where you’ll find our bike wash. The best part? We’re open 24/7, so you can come at any time of day you want (even the crack of dawn).


  1. No bookings are required.
  2. All you need to bring is your bike, all the equipment to clean your bike from top to bottom, including a special chain cleaner feature is included. 
  3. Ride down Liquid Laundry’s driveway to the rear and enter through the Bike Wash door, signage is shown to help guide you.
  4. Pop your bike on the rack and tap your card to begin.
  5. Follow the numbered buttons on the keypad, as you can see here in this photo. Away you go!
  6. It only takes 10 minutes to get your bike sparkling clean from top to bottom. However if you require more time, simply tap your card and it will top it up for more time. 
  7. You’ll leave our venue with your bike sparkling clean and dry for you to hop back on and ride to your next destination. Easy!
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Two very happy cyclists with their squeaky clean bikes after using our Bike Wash.