EV Recharge


Liquid Laundry is home to the first universal, open cashless payment Dual, High Power AC Level 2 EV charger. The EV Bee Meter Charging station features a built-in type 2 charging sock and an energy meter display providing you with maximum convenience. Located at the back of our venue in the carpark, available 24/7.

Please note: You need to make sure you bring your own Type 2 EV Charging station cable (not a car point charger). Your plug will have the universal connection/socket at one end and an individual connection at the other to suit the brand of your care (male-to-female cable). Our EV Bee Meter has a power output capacity of 22kW. The Type 2 socket allows you to charge at the maximum charge rate available meaning a quick and easy charge for your car.

*Bookings are required for this service, so please give us a call on (07) 3852 6100, or email us at customerservice@liquidlaundry.com.au to book.

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